The Pranic Awakening Program





 The next step in conscious evolution

Living on prana…………….can you really?????

Because you’ve been taught you need “normal” food to nourish your body this concept for many would be unconscionable. But the reality is thousands, if not many more on this planet are living on prana (in different variations) and are extremely healthy, in fact healthier than those eating normal food because modern day food supply is of such poor quality. We often make the wrong decisions; becoming addicted to sugar and fast food and let’s consider genetically modified foods and the toxins in the sprays used on them…….

The Dutch Pranic teacher Amudra Madhura will provide you with as much information as possible regarding living on Prana ( Breatharianism ), including; how her journey got started, her personal experiences and of course the program she developed so YOU can also answer your calling. It is of the utmost importance that you really feel and know that this is the right path for you. No doubts, fully surrender………..

This whole Pranic process is not about the not eating but to clear your bodycells from all of the toxins, old convictions and beliefs. All that we learned from our parents, society, studies and the media which isn’t our Truth anymore keeps us from our real Freedom.



Why should a living being not be able to obtain all the energy it needs for the performance of its life functions from the environment, instead of through the consumption of food?  -Nicola Tesla-