Pranic Awakening

The Pranic Awakening Program

 The next step in conscious evolution

Do you dream of a life filled with joy and freedom?

Finally getting that new job, taking new courses to expand your consciousness, finding peace in the daily chaos.

Now you may often be too tired and almost get overwhelmed because of all the things you have to do in a day. Your body builds up more and more food intolerances and you’re body gets all kind of little pains which interfere with your joy of life. Still focusing too much on others because that’s how you were raised, old deep-rooted beliefs limit you from getting the life you dream of. Your self-confidence could be better and somewhere in your system there is also fear of failure, separation and therefore fear of commitment.

The result is often a strange relationship with food, whether that is eating as healthily as possible or, on the other hand, sitting on the couch every night with a bag of chips, staring at the TV…

Of course you want to change this, but where and how to begin?

Living on prana...can you really?

Because you’ve been taught you need “normal” food to nourish your body this concept for many would be incomprehensible. 

But the reality is thousands, if not many more on this planet are living on prana (in different variations) and are extremely healthy, in fact healthier than those eating normal food because our modern day food supply is of such poor quality. 

We often make the wrong decisions; becoming addicted to sugar and fast food and let’s consider genetically modified foods and the toxins in the sprays used on them…

Why should a living being not be able to obtain all the energy it needs for the performance of its life functions from the environment, instead of through the consumption of food?

Nicola Tesla

Are you ready for a Pranic Awakening?

The Dutch Pranic teacher Amudra Madhura will provide you with as much information as possible regarding living on Prana ( Breatharianism ), including; how her journey got started, her personal experiences and of course the program she developed so YOU can also answer your calling.

It is of the utmost importance that you really feel and know that this is the right path for you. No doubts, fully surrender…

This whole Pranic process is not about the not eating, or never eating again. It’s about cleaning up your body cells, all the information stored in your cellular memory that no longer serves you at this time in your life. 

The old beliefs and limiting thoughts our parents and/or educators have given us, what you have learned at school or in studies and of course what society has taught us, all these teachings which are no longer your truth and is blocking you to truly experiencing and living your freedom.

Do you recognize this?

"Let me help you gently transform your life into the life you deserve."

Take part in one of our Pranic Retreats

Below are the different retreats I offer. These retreats are offered in different languages. For more information read on and find out which retreat best fits your journey to freedom.

This is what others say about the Pranic Retreats

These people preceded you in their journey to freedom. Read here what they experienced during one of my retreats.

A firm, safe haven

Just followed the pranic union retreat with Amudra and Maxime and wow, what a journey! You really meet yourself on a deep level, but everything that presents itself is allowed to be there completely . With a gentle yet powerful hand Amudra knows how to effortlessly guide each participant in all his/her diversity through his/her process. You are able to feel: this woman has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. She was there for us day and night, which for me personally was an enormous comfort. She creates space for everyone’s process and at the same time offers a solid, safe haven – also after the retreat. It was/is not always easy, but it was a very instructive and healing experience, for which many thanks, Amudra!


Amudra is 1 of the most extraordinary women I have ever met

Attended the pranic union retreat at the end of 2022. I expected that it would bring me something but that it brought so much I could not ever have dreamed. So much love and warmth in the group, so many new insights and so much clearing in my head. Life-changing. Amudra is one of the most special women I have ever met, so loving, pure, gentle and at the same time so powerful! She provides a safe environment and really lets you BE. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you are allowed to be. She is an example for me. The balance she has between the earthly and non-earthly, the openness, peace and love she radiates, makes you feel at ease immediately. With her knowledge and experience she can guide you well, give you tools and help you where you yourself get stuck.


About Amudra Madhura

My life’s mission is to bring awareness. From openness and heart energy, I introduce you to the possibilities that exist for you to find more freedom in your life. Whether it is more freedom in expression, in showing yourself, gaining more self-confidence, in your thoughts or even food freedom…….

Everything is possible, we are and can be so much more than we always thought or were taught. The realization and feeling of BEING, the unlimitedness and connection to everything has led to the feeling of completeness in myself. Every day there i am in awe about my life, my body and mind, nature and the universe….

I would like to invite you to get on this journey of freedom with me.

Warm greetings,