The Pranic Awakening Program


Amudra Madhura

As a young woman Amudra was  already very aware of what effect her personality had on  others. Her generosity, softness and her wonderful feature to accept each person exactly as they are always made her feel very connected to everybody .  This made her decide teaching and hosting events from her heart energy could  help so many people. You can feel her passion in her  Kundalini yoga, breathwork, coaching, Journeytherapy and retreats.

Her training to become a Journey therapist (by Brandon Bays) and also working with The Enneagram was a valuable asset to help people to understand themselves and others, softening old trauma and getting rid of old belief systems.

Breathwork is also an important pillar in Amudra’s life, these are therapeutic session of letting go without having to understand or investigate. Your subconscious mind knows, it’s not a walk in the park but very effective. 

Nutrition has always been a passion in Amudra’s life because of her background in Fitness which even resulted in competitions Miss Fitness. As a result, she studied orthomolecular nutrition therapy and she had a dietary practice for over 10 years. This knowledge on nutrition was what kept her for years from  pranic living. All she had ever learned about nutrition was apparently not at all true, it was quite a process. But after her body did not leave her any choice, it was time to take this next step in evolution. And this didn’t mean not eating ever again but having food freedom. For Amudra it was important to eat on social occasions, this was her intention and now it is just like that. The “knowing”  your body does not need the solid foods you occasionally eat is so liberating, you cannot even imagine. 

Amudra ‘s  private sessions  are a combination of all of her “skills”, she will touch you with her heart energy and you will feel the unconditional love she resonates. Her sincerity and openness ensures that you will feel safe so you can surrender to the process. More on Amudra : 

Amudra Madhura is a very balanced and down to earth person, she makes things simple to understand, without stories of the mind. The mind is our biggest saboteur… just make it as it is, simple, just feel.

You are welcomed by her wide open heart

Too many people listen to the noise of the World instead of themselves. Listen to your own voice. Put your ear close to your soul………listen……….