Pranic Awakening

Amudra Madhura

Freedom and Love

The most important words for me are freedom and love. My life has never been boring and normal, but rather entrepreneurial and flexible. That is what makes me different, just doing what I want , seeing new opportunities, creating, executing and letting go, that is what my life is all about. I always say : I let life guide me.

In my spare time I love to dance and go out into nature and every walk I am bewondered by the beauty of nature and I love animals (I am a dogperson).

Everyone is unique

Everyone is so unique, with all kinds of challenges. How to deal with these challenges is exactly where I come in.

With my expertise I can help you combining various methods to find your authentic self. Maybe you do not even know anymore who you really are, if this is the case it is of the utmost importance to let your real self emerge and experience living in freedom.

My openness and warm energy will invite you to come down from your head to your body and rediscover your emotional realms. As a result, your consciousness will expand and beautiful skills and¬†characteristics of you will surface that you didn’t even know you had.

"Everything I teach from my thruth does not have to be your truth. Stay open and feel which parts of my teachings resonate with you."

Amudra Madhura

Very aware of my Soulsmission

I am not a standard teacher or coach, I think and act outside the box. I like to call myself an inspiror. My appearance is who I am, a little different from others. I am well grounded and balanced and therefore very connected with everything and everyone around me. Aware of my soulsmission, the path my soul has chosen in this life with this body.

Always acting from intuition and feeling in combination with my knowledge from my studies and training. Some of my studies in the last 20 years: breathwork teacher, orthomolecular nutrition therapist, trauma therapist, Kundalini yoga teacher.

Open and warmhearted

During my weekend and week retreats I always let you know that humbleness is important to me, from an open and warm heart you will reach others so much better than through strict rules and having to do things.

Everything I teach from my truth does not have to be your truth, this is why it is important to feel which parts of my teachings resonate with you.. And this “feeling” is exactly what you will develop in this pranic proces. Being able to really feel is so much more important than all the knowledge you put in your head from books and studies.

"Especially in my classes I always let people know that humility is important to me, from an open and warm heart you reach the other so much better than through strict rules and having to do things."

Amudra Madhura

Take part in one of our Pranic Retreats

Some of these retreats are in English and others in German or Dutch.

Living on prana

I have been living on prana since early 2018, the freedom you experience when you no longer need food is immense and still amazes me. My consciousness expansion has brought me to total openness and freedom in many areas in my life. And this is what I would like you to experience as well.

With love and freedom,