The Pranic Awakening Program







Living on Prana or living a breatharian life is certainly much better for our mother earth, you will be producing less waste, even though you’re already aware of it plastic is unfortunately almost unavoidable.  Let’s save nature and animals, no livestock, no huge farming systems, genetically engineered crops and pesticides. For Amudra and Brahman Menor the survival of mother earth and all its inhabitants (animal, human and plant) is a major incentive to acquaint more people with the possibility of living of prana, in any form.

Did you know :

Our livestock is responsible for approximately 50% of the greenhouse effect. Did you think that global transport was the big issue? Think again. All transport (cars, buses, trucks, boats, planes etc.) only contributes for 13% to the greenhouse effect.

 – In order to produce 100 grams of beef, 2500 liters of water is needed. You can shower for about 2 months in comparison to the water required to produce 1 burger.

– 30% of the water consumption is used for livestock farming. Not just for the animals themselves but also for producing their food.

And we all believe we’re doing our best for planet earth by spending less time in the shower, using solar panels, separating waste and driving electrical cars. But all these (very good!) adjustments mean nothing once you realize the impact of livestock on our planet.

  • Our livestock causes more than 90% of the destruction of the Amazon. This includes new land needed for the growing of crops, for their food.
  • Livestock farming contributes to the destroying of the oceans. The reason is manure getting into the water supply and reaching the oceans.
  • Livestock farming is responsible for the disappearance of more than 100 animals/plants/insect species every day!

  • Worldwide 50% of all grain produced goes to the livestock we produce. 80% of starving people in the world live in countries where a lot of this animal feed is produced. This food could be given to people instead of animals.

  • Cows produce about 550 billion liters of methane per day (Yes, these are farts). Methane is 80 times more as harmful as CO2.

When the blood in our veins returns to the sea, and the earth in our bones returns to the ground, perhaps then we will remember that this land does not belong to us, it is us who belong to this land