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Here we step into the world of Prana – the life force that permeates everything and is the basis of everything that exists. Browse through a wealth of articles, podcasts and videos that will help you explore the depth and versatility of Prana.

From the connection between Prana and breathing to its impact on well-being and spirituality, our collection offers insights that range from ancient wisdom to modern approaches.

Driven by expert insights, personal experiences and engaging conversations, this archive is intended for newcomers and seasoned practitioners seeking more. Dive into this well of knowledge and be inspired by the power and wisdom of Prana as you deepen your understanding.



Living on Prana or living a breatharian life is certainly much better for our mother earth, you will be producing…
Living on Prana

Living on Prana

Living on Prana means nourishing your body with Prana, which is the life energy which is in everything and all…

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Everything is possible, we are and can be so much more than we always thought or were taught. The realization and feeling of BEING, the unlimitedness and connection to everything has led to the feeling of completeness in me. Every day I am in awe about my life, my body and mind, nature and the universe….

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