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A general question about the retreats
Please read the website carefully first and ask your question concisely. There is also a possibility to book a free 30 minute phone session. I am not available by mobile phone outside of these bookable times. Also, sign up right away for a free Before retreat Q&A ZOOM session that I give every month.

About paying in installments
If you cannot pay the week retreat price in 1x there is the option to pay in installments. This way everyone can have the opportunity to engage in this life-changing process.

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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently aksked question. Maybe you have questions that we didn’t answer. Please don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us!

There are several Pranic Retreats given in multiple languages.

The Freedom Quest is already given in German and English. 

The Pranic Union Retreat is available in Dutch and English and the Pranic Weekend Retreats are also possible in Dutch and English. 

The Online Pranic Purification Course is given in English.

Take a look at the retreat page and take a look at the different retreats. Which one do you feel attracted to? If you cannot decide please book a 30 minute phone call

The flight is not included in the price since people fly from different countries

It depends what disease or condition it is. By filling out the questionnaire and an intake interview, it will quickly become clear whether joining is safe for you and perhaps very beneficial.