Pranic Awakening

Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find the answers to the most frequently aksked question. Maybe you have questions that we didn’t answer. Please don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us!

Pranic Retreats

With some diseases and/or conditions, participation is not possible. This will become clear during the registration process when you fill in the questionnaire. You can also book an free 30 minute phonecall before signing up.

The Pranic Retreats will are at various locations in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. 

The minimum age is 20 and the maximum age is 80, but it depends entirely on your physical and mental condition. If you are younger or older than these ages, please contact me first to see if you can participate.

If you are accepted we will notify you by email what things to bring, but it depends on the location.

You will receive a clear list from us what you need to eat a month in advance. We recommend a vegan diet in the month before you come to the retreat.

It depends what disease or condition it is. By filling out the questionnaire, it will quickly become clear to me whether joining is safe for you and beneficial. If you want to be sure you can first book a 30 minute phonecall.

No, you can not smoke. This also includes smoking marijuana. Taking THC or CBD drops is another story, this can be done before and after, but not during the retreat.

No, unfortunately. Using phones, tablets and e-readers are a huge distraction to get out of your process. You can give your family and loved ones our phone number so they know how to reach us should anything happen.

Yes bring your glasses because during and just after the dryfast your eyes will also be more dry than normal.

At some locations this is not possible. We also do not recommend it because the process is quite tough we want you to have someone with you at all times to avoid the possibility that you will need help and it is not there during the night.

The price depends on the location where it is given, some locations are more luxurious than others. Check the retreat page for the price.

Payments & Billing

Yes, it is possible to pay in maximum 4 installments. There will be some extra costs for this.

Please always make sure you have a travel and annulment insurance. Sometimes it is possible to switch retreats until 3 months before starting date. Contact us as soon as possible if you want to switch to another retreat

General & Other

There are several Pranic Retreats given in multiple languages.

The Freedom Quest is already given in Dutch, German and English. 

The Pranic Union Retreat is available in Dutch and will be given in English in the coming year. The Pranic Weekend Retreats are in Dutch. 

The Online Pranic Purification Course is given in English.

Take a look at the retreat page and take a look at the different retreats. Which one do you feel attracted to? If you cannot decide please book a 30 minute phone call

The flight is not included in the price since people fly from different countries