The Pranic Awakening Program



Can everybody participate in The Pranic Awakening Program?

If you want to enroll we will send you a questionnaire and arrange a skype consultation. To enable you to trust you’re enrolling at the right time in your life and it’s be safe for you to take part.

Where is the location?

The Pranic Awakening Program will be available at different locations in different countries, for now locations will be mostly in Europe. Please provide your email address for the latest updates.

What is the minimum and maximum age to participate?

A minimum age of 18 and a maximum of 70 but all depends on your health and physical condition.

What to bring?

Once have been accepted onto the program you will get a full list of what items to bring, which will depend on the location.

Do I have to adjust my eating habits before starting the program?

It all depends on what you are eating right now. You will receive full instructions when accepted. But it will need to be a vegan lifestyle one month in advantage.

I have a disease or condition, can I participate?

It will depend on the kind of disease or condition but we will evaluate this fully in the questionnaire and consultation ahead of the intake.

Can I smoke?

No you cannot, if you are not loving your body enough to stop smoking, you are not ready to take the next step in conscious evolution. This includes e-cigarets and marihuana (CBD/THC oil for painrelief excluded)

Can I use my phone during the program?

You will get a brief moment to check your phone 2x this week, we will provide all the info you need so your friends and family will be able to contact us in case of an emergency. But no social media since it is a distraction from your process, also no books or E-readers.

I wear contact lenses, is that a problem?

Please bring your glasses, because your eyes will be dry during the 3day dryfast

Can I get a single room?

In some locations single rooms are available but we don’t recommend it. The reason is that this process is not a piece of cake and you have to be monitored by us or another participant all the time.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration     Nicola Tesla