Pranic Awakening

General Conditions

Article 1 | Applicability.

These general terms and conditions apply to all oral and written offers and agreements by or with and all related acts, both preparatory and executive in nature.

Article 2 | Company Description

Amudra Madhura focuses on training, coaching, workshops and retreats within the field of personal development, in the broadest sense. Amudra Madhura is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 73712728.

Article 3 | Definitions

Contractor is in this Amudra madhura, which uses these general conditions in offering its services. Client is in this the customer who uses the offered services of Amudra madhura. As agreement is considered all agreements made between client and contractor about the services to be offered.

Article 4 | Execution of the agreement
  1. The Contractor shall perform the Agreement to the best of his knowledge and ability. The Contractor has a best-efforts obligation with respect to the performance of the Agreement and therefore cannot be held liable on the basis of an obligation to achieve a result.
  2. By confirming the agreement and these general terms and conditions, the client grants permission to use her name, address and telephone number to be recorded in the contractor’s customer database for administrative purposes.
  3. The client will ensure that all information, which the client indicates is necessary or which the client should reasonably understand is necessary for the execution of the agreement, will be provided to the contractor in a timely manner. If this information is not provided on time, the contractor reserves the right to suspend performance of the agreement.
Article 5 | Prices and offers
  1. All offers and quotations made by the contractor are without obligation, both in terms of price, content and delivery time and expire after 30 days.
  2. Quotations are based on the information available with the contractor.
  3. An agreement shall be established when the offer or contract signed for approval by the customer is received and accepted by the contractor and/or recorded by email.
  4. Further price agreements may be laid down in the agreement, such as hiring third parties, hiring accommodation, resources, travel expenses, etc.
Article 6 | Terms of payment
  1. Invoicing will take place as indicated in the quotation. Payment shall be made by transfer to NL32KNAB0257456341 in the name of Amudra Madhura. The term of payment used is 14 days from date of invoice unless otherwise indicated on the invoice.
  2. In case of late payment or default of payment, the client shall be in default by operation of law and the contractor reserves the right to discontinue the performance of the agreement with immediate effect. The client shall also owe statutory interest on the outstanding amount from that time. If the contractor assigns the claim for collection, the client will also owe the judicial and extrajudicial costs involved in this collection.
  3. In the event of any objections regarding the invoice, the client must notify the accountant of this in writing within two weeks of receiving the invoice.
Article 7 | Duration and termination
  1. The agreement between the client and the contractor may be terminated or extended at any time by either party.
  2. The termination of the agreement does not affect the financial obligation that still needs to be fulfilled.
Article 8 | Registration and payment for trainings and workshops with open registration

When registering for open-enrollment trainings, workshops and retreats, the following payment terms apply:

  1. When purchasing a retreat there is the choice to pay in 1x or in installments. If you choose to pay in installments there will be extra costs involved and it will be automatically debited from your bank account. If you fail to make the payments you will receive a payment reminder. Failure to pay the reminders will automatically go to a collection agency.
Article 8.1 | Cancellation by customer for training, workshops and retreats with open registration

Client agrees to notify Contractor in writing of any cancellation or change. In the event of cancellation of registration by the client, the client and the contractor will first consult to find suitable alternatives. If no suitable alternatives are possible, at the discretion of the contractor, cancellation conditions will apply. The client is obliged to pay cancellation fees to the contractor, as follows:

  1. In case of cancellation of retreats you will have to use your own cancellation insurance.
  2. For cancellation after registration, the cancellation fee is 100%. This also applies to early termination, at the start, or failure to appear at the
Article 8.2 | Cancellation by the contractor

Provider reserves the right to cancel coaching, training or workshops, without giving reasons, or to refuse a client. Octrooibureau Novopatent undertakes to confirm the cancellation or refusal in writing and in that case refund 100% of the amount paid by the client up to that point, thereby terminating the agreement without further obligations or claims on either side. Should the cancellation be due to illness of Amudra Madhura or due to unforeseen circumstances including force majeure, your payment will stand and your participation will move on to a subsequent date.

Article 9 | Rescheduling of coaching appointments
  1. If the client cancels the appointment made by her/him within 24 hours before the relevant appointment, the contractor will charge the costs and the client is obliged to pay them. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled before this time will not be charged.
  2. If the client fails to appear at a scheduled interview, the cost of the interview will be charged and the client is obliged to pay it. The hourly rate of € 90 will be charged.
  3. The contractor reserves the right to reschedule or cancel appointments if she cannot properly execute the agreement.
Article 10 | Confidentiality
  1. Both parties are obliged to maintain confidentiality of everything discussed during or in the context of the coaching sessions, training or consulting assignments.
  2. In the event of imminent danger to both the client and society, the contractor reserves the right to break confidentiality and will inform the competent and appropriate authorities.
  3. If a statutory provision or a judicial decision requires the contractor to disclose confidential information to third parties designated by law or by the competent court and the contractor cannot in this respect invoke a legal right to refuse to give evidence or such a right acknowledged or permitted by the competent court, the contractor will not be obliged to pay damages or compensation.
Article 11 | Liability
  1. The Contractor accepts no liability whatsoever, howsoever, for damages arising out of or in connection with services performed by it.
  2. The contractor’s liability is limited to the invoice value of the order, at least that part of the order to which the liability relates.
  3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 2 of this article, in the case of an order with a duration of more than six months, the liability shall be further limited to the invoice amount payable for the last six months.
  4. The contractor is not liable for any direct or indirect loss incurred by the client as a result of actions or decisions taken as a result of or during a training session, coaching session or workshop/retreat. The client remains at all times responsible for the choices made.
  5. Any liability of the contractor for trading loss or other indirect or consequential loss, of whatever nature, is expressly excluded.
Article 12 | Complaint procedure
  1. If the client has complaints about the work performed, she/he must notify the contractor in writing within 14 days of the occurrence of the complaint.
  2. After taking note of and discussing the complaint with the client, the contractor will implement the chosen solution as best as possible.