The Pranic Awakening Program





Living on Prana

Living on Prana means nourishing your body with Prana, which is the life energy which is in everything and all around us. You can absorb it through breath but also through the skin. Those of us who live on Prana are also called breatharian, inedia or sungazers, but it is not as simple as putting everyone into one category.

The different variations in living on prana :


1-No water and no food. We are aware of just a few people on earth living this way and some call this the real      breatharians

2-No food but drinking water/tea

3-No solid foods but drinking water and juices (mostly up to 500 cal each day)

4-Water/juices and sometimes a light meal, mostly on social occasions

5-Water/juices and once or twice a week a light meal, and many more variations


They all live on Prana, but note they do not all live on breath alone. But what they have in common is they do not require food to provide their bodies with the nutrients to function, they get this from Prana. They never get hungry, so when they do take a light meal it is mostly in a social setting, because in our society eating dinner together is a social activity.

Living on Prana will be incomprehensible for many, something that is not possible because of learned beliefs that our body can only function when you eat. But what if you absorb these nutrients through the breath and skin?

Only when you really accept and truly believe it is possible to live on Prana, will you be ready to take the next step on the evolutionary ladder. If you’re in any doubt, you might complete the program but you then fall back into eating solids foods. If you have an abundance of old limiting beliefs and traumas in your cell memory you will get hungry again. Therefore it is important to cleanse the body first, this can be achieved through a variety of techniques that we’re able to advise on, but do what feels right for you. If you are living in The Netherlands you can participate in our other activities to clear your body of old beliefs and trauma. 

Also be prepared that your social environment (friends and family) might not be able to accept it. Lack of understanding, fear and disbelief that living on Prana is possible will effect how those around you react. If you’re able to put these concerns aside then you’re ready for this new step towards living in a higher vibrational level. Which will result in your body being healthier, enable illnesses and conditions to heal, your intuition will strengthen and many other positive changes in your body will occur (more in FAQ)


– Let the calling in your heart be your guide, not the fear in your mind –