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Do you feel on soullevel you are ready to take the next step in conscious evolution? To live a healthier, more fulfilling life? If the answer to these questions are yes, this retreat will be perfect for you!

The Pranic Awakening Program is a retreat in natural surroundings in a beautiful retreat location in The Netherlands, Belgium or Switserland. You will be guided through the process by Amudra Madhura, who lives on Prana and is an expert on prana, breathtecniques, Kundalini and much more.

The Program was dictated directly from Source, from meditations to breath-techniques and visualizations. So the entire Program was given in the purest form and with the newest energy. Completely down to earth, no rituals, no stories… just what is needed with heart energy

The reason you feel the need to participate :

  • You feel the calling to reset your bodies ability to use prana to nourish your cells instead of solid foods with the 3 day dryfast. Before and after the dryfast you will drink fruitjuices. (your body needs fruitjuices up to 2 to 3 months after the dryfast because your energy will  be used up for regenerating your bodycells, afterwards you can decide to drink less juice, just water, nothing at all or take a meal once in a while, just what you want.


  • You  want to heal your body and to reset your immunesystem with the 3 day fasting(you can drink water), before and after the 3 day fasting you will drink fruitjuices. After the retreat you can eat normal again, but most people will eat much less than before. And of course you will be more aware of what kinds of food your body likes and dislikes.

    Note : This entire program is specially made to release yourself of old limiting beliefs and thoughts by using different tecniques.


Take a look at the page The Program so you can read what we offer and what to expect afterwards


We guarantee the best personal assistance for every participant.

 In this retreat there will be taken pictures and video recordings for promotional purposes.