Pranic Awakening


Join one of my Pranic Retreats

Through many years of experience in many fields, I have been able to develop a total package that will help you to expand your consciousnes and experience great levels of freedom in your life.

It will help you see what it is that is limiting your growth to live the life you dream of. It gives insights and qualities will surface that you didn’t even know you had.

Through the combination of various techniques, we work on your total being so that no limiting aspects remain.

My gentle, loving energy will invite you to fully open yourself to the change needed to begin your path to freedom.

My retreats will change your life forever!

About Amudra Madhura

My life’s mission is to bring awareness. From openness and heart energy, I introduce you to the possibilities that exist for you to find more freedom in your life. Whether it is more freedom in expression, in showing yourself, getting a higher selfesteem, in your thinking or even food freedom…….

Everything is possible, we are and can be so much more than we always thought or were taught. The realization and feeling of BEING, the unlimitedness and connection to everything has led to the feeling of completeness in me. Every day I am in awe about my life, my body and mind, nature and the universe….

I invite you to start experiencing your freedom with me as your guide.

Warm greetings,