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Online Pranic Purification Course

Clean your cellular memory

In this live online course we will clean your cellular memory of old limiting beliefs and old thoughts and ideas that are no longer your truth. In our lives we have stored these in our cellular memory and even inherited those from your parents and grandparents. You can even go so far as to encounter old limiting experiences from past lives.

This “pollution” in your cells that also includes residue from vaccinations, drugs and alchol, air pollution, pesticides, preservatives and electromagnetic smog causes your vibration to drop. With the live online Pranic Purification Course, we remove this lower vibrational pollution from the cells and therefore there is an increase in frequency. Not only of the body cells but also of your energetic body and your energy field around you.

The road to Prana

This process of cleansing is a unique process for everyone. The first year is one in which you will encounter many old emotions and memories. The cellular renewal allows more and more body cells to live on prana. In time, you will feel nourished by prana and it will settle into your cellular memory as a KNOWING. Some people will be able to experience food freedom after only 3 months but please be aware it all depends on your unique path in this life.

Frequency increase and FREEDOM in all areas of you life!

This live online Pranic Purification Course is for cleansing your cellular memory and thereby allowing you to create a frequency increase in your body cells and your energetic field. This leads to FREEDOM in all areas of your life. Food freedom can be one of the results of this.
The important thing is that you can experience your total humanity in this life and that certainly includes taste and texture in your mouth. You will actually enjoy food more as your senses become sharper.

Note: you are always responsible for your own health. If in doubt during the process you can contact me so we can  discuss what the best path for you is.

A final step or a first

Everyone can join this course, whether you have already done a lot of personal development or not. For some this is a final step and for others a first step. In all cases this is a highway to frequency increase.

You can sign up for this course so you will be on the list of participants. Later I will let you know what dates this live online course will take place and at that time you can finally register and pay.

You can start taking this live online Pranic Purification Course if you feel a real YES and you attend every Zoom session. So I ask a commitment from you, just as you get a commitment from me in the counseling.

The course start at a minimum of 4 participants and maximum of 8
The price for the total program, is 1999 euros. See below what is included in the price.

Impression of our previous retreats

Here will be some new photo’s after the first live online Zoom sessions

What we will do...

Breath and visualisation sessions

The breathing sessions in this course focus on releasing old beliefs and limiting thoughts that keep you from being able to truly be yourself. It is an effective proven method to free your body. We will do this together in live Zoom sessions. And you will get access to the video so you can do this yourself at home.

Water fasting

72-84 hours of water fasting is a regular part of pranic retreats. Drinking a minimum of water will extract fluids from the cells containing old information so the cleansing process can go more rapid. In addition, this prompts the body to become healthy and strong. After 48 hours of fasting the body will produce more stemcells and clean out old and damaged cells


In this week there will be a lot of silence. Without outside distractions, it becomes very clear what is still blocking  your way on your path to Self-realization. This means that you take a week of from your work. Do not distract yourself with social media, put down your phone so you can sink into your feelings and find the pieces that you have to work on..

What does it bring you?


Meet your teacher

Amudra Madhura

I am Amudra, now 52 years old and I can say I feel better than ever!

Pranic teacher, kundalini yoga teacher, breathwork teacher, orthomolecular nutrition therapist and trauma therapist……as you can see a whole range of methods that I have been using for the last 20 years.

But my most important asset is that I have released all the rules and all the learning and now let everything come from within me, from the heartenergy and the  clear knowing. Because of the freedom I feel in myself, energy flows richly in all areas of my life.

My vast experience in many areas and my gentle personality will help you get deeper into your BEING. Stillness, peace and creation will arise, wonderment towards life because you will start to see everything differently.

The word that will arise after a year or a year and a half is Completeness. Free of all unhealthy needs, free to live your life the way it feels right for you. Full of self-assurance and totally in your power.

Our live is about experiencing the divine plan, this means we are never totally “clean” and this is what makes life so interesting. All of the new experiences you can have if the old patterns, and heaviness is lifted from your life.


I am looking forward to see you and guide you to a life in freedom.

This is what others share about our Pranic Retreats

Spiritually with both feet firmly on the ground

For me it was important and beautiful to experience that someone can be spiritual with 2 feet on the ground. I took Dynamic Breath Awakening with Amudra several times and she gave me the right and very professional guidance there.

Ronald Slooter

I feel supported

Pranic Union retreat June, Belgium: At first I did not know what to expect and the warm welcome by Amudra made me feel at ease. It was a profound retreat where everything came and was allowed to come. The dedication of Amudra to our process was and is very warm and clear, it gave me a stability that now at home I still feel supported and can fully continue this beautiful development process. Thank you dear Amudra! Ps. The collaboration between you and Maxime gave the retreat a golden edge!

Annelied van Dijk


Here you can find the answers to the most frequently aksked question. Maybe you have questions that we didn’t answer. Please don’t hesitate and feel free to contact us!

Yes, everyone can join this course. But you have to be committed to be there at every Zoom session and take 5 days for the process without working during these days.

The Pranic Purification Course you can attend from anywhere because it is an online live Zoom course. You just need internet and a camera.

Your age has to be 18 or older. If you have any diseases or health or mental conditions you can first contact me.

You need a comfortable chair and a place you can lie down after the sessions. A notebook and pen and you’re full attention.

It depends on what you’re diet is right now.  You will receive a clear list from us what you need to consider a month in advance. In any case, we recommend a vegan diet in the month before you start.

It depends what disease or condition it is. If you are in doubt please book a 30 minute appointment. It will quickly become clear whether joining is safe for you and perhaps very beneficial.

No, you cannot not smoke. This also includes smoking marijuana. Taking THC or CBD drops is another story, this can be done before and after, but not during the waterfasting.

Using phones, tablets and e-readers are a huge distraction to get out of your process. So please limit it to a minimum. Social media is a huge addiction.

Because of the detox during the waterfast oure eyes can be a bit dry. Therefore wearing glasses can be more relaxed for your eyes.

The price is 1999 euro. Please take a look at what is included. It is not just the course but also one year of guidance.

Would you like to join this Pranic Purification Course?

Here you can find more information and available dates. Before you join, let’s (digitally) meet first to see if this is the recommended course for you. You can book an appointment below. Did we already meet? Please feel free to book the course!

Pranic Purification Course


01-03-2024 till 04-03-2024


Pranic Purification Course


13-05-2024 till 16-05-2024