Pranic Awakening

This is what others shared about our Pranic Retreats

These reviews are a selection of reactions from our participants, we are very thankfull they want to share their experience for the world to read

Spiritually with both feet firmly on the ground

For me it was important and beautiful to experience that someone can be spiritual with 2 feet on the ground. I participated in a  Dynamic Breath Awakening with Amudra several times and she gave me the right and very professional guidance.

Ronald Slooter

Fierce but beautiful at the same time!

I attended the dynamic breath awakening workshop twice with Amudra. I had heard from acquaintances what breath sessions can do for you and was therefore curious. I also saw what it did for others. I wanted to experience this myself. It immediately felt familiar to me with Amudra so I could give myself completely to the breath session. And wow, how intense it was, but so beautiful at the same time! The biggest insight is the fact that all emotions are allowed to be there, without knowing the story behind the emotion. Great how Amudra pointed that out after the session. You don’t have to wonder why, how or what. You’ve cleaned up, that’s the bottom line. That has helped me, now when I feel emotion, I let it go, without attaching a story to it. As I described above, feeling emotion and letting it be there, without attaching a story to it. Then you notice that emotion comes in a wave and is gone again after you have given it space. Love Eugenie


Powerful grounded and transparent

Freedom, cleansing, existential ambition MyLiIsMiToLi’ was already as ‘subtitle’ under my name in what’s app: My Life Is Mine To Live, experiencing this deeper than ever. Further that I am/ was stuck on old grief and its deep pain underneath, of what I thought was already done and about which I now see that has actually continuously greatly influenced, colored and limited my life. I had already written this: – Amudra is open and very accessible – really gets into contact, powerfully vulnerable and grounded transparency – has control, which by far does not feel oppressive – takes full responsibility for what is hers – carries herself, as well as the retreat, fully – this gives confidence – space in which I dare to be myself, – Organic disarming deepening, which brings me into the process – The whole of what she brings, also resulted in the deep group feeling in the pranic retreat, when we all experienced in no time, as if we had been working together for a week. Highly recommended!!! – In her before and after care, she is careful, present, and helpful. 

Patrick Obels

Passion, gentleness and connecting power

I participated in the pranic union retreat guided by Amudra and Maxime. I felt that a life with foodfreedom would be a powerful next step in my development. I often used food as an escape to avoid feeling painful emotions. At the same time, I felt that my body was no longer happy at all with what I was eating. How much impact food has on my system became very noticeable during and after the retreatweek, because I felt much better than before. Immediately upon arrival I felt the fine energy of Amudra, which made me feel at home very quickly. The enormous passion, gentleness and connecting power she has created a very safe field for the group. This made it easy to surrender to what would present itself that week. I am very grateful for all that was set in motion during that week.


I feel supported

Pranic union retreat June, Belgium: At first I did not know what to expect but the warm welcome by Amudra made me feel at ease. It was a profound retreat where everything came and was allowed to come. The dedication of Amudra to our process was and is very warm and clear, it gave me a stability that now at home I still feel supported and can fully continue this beautiful development process. Thank you dear Amudra! 

Ps. The collaboration between you and Maxime gave the retreat a golden edge!

Annelied van Dijk

Amudra has a gentle and intense energy

“Amudra has an intense softness and energy, her selflessness, openness and open-mindedness, non-judgmental, where you get the feeling of being allowed to be completely at home in yourself and never leave you with unsolved issues.


Amudra is there for everyone

“I find Amudra a very sweet, beautiful, warm, caring and powerful woman, who does her work with great passion. She is always sincerely interested and is there for everyone. She explains everything clearly and supports you where necessary in the sessions.”


Truly transformative

Prior to the retreat, I liked the before retreat help. I took part in several Before retreat Q&As and also an individual phone call with Amudra because I had so many symptoms that I was unsure about participating. The months before the retreat were physically intense. Amudra listened and was supportive.

The retreat was truly transformative. I enjoyed Amudra’s loving, powerful, unconditional, gently confrontational, clear, open-hearted, inclusive guidance.
The exercises we did were partly familiar to me, with a logical structure contained in appropriate themes throughout the days. I went into it open and full of enthusiasm. I found the depth achieved through Amudra’s  presence and the level of consciousness of my fellow participants so enriching. Amudra knew how to create a bed in which everyone could blossom. Maxime took the time for individual moments in which she translated her clairvoyance and clairsentience into concrete tips.
She is crystal clear, resolute and super honest and knows exactly which heaviness/traumas/hidden things are still in your system which play a role in the conversion process to Pranic Living.

Amudra is the living example of Pranic living. I know that my being on an unconscious and also conscious level receives and takes in its vibration. For me, this is an important part of transmission. On a practical level, this expresses itself in Amudra’s extensive knowledge of pranic life, the five biological laws of nature, nutrition, body processes. She complements this with beautiful breathing exercises, visualizations and wonderful Kundalini Yoga.
Amudra and Maxime in collaboration with you and your body awareness establish a roadmap for after the retreat. Individually tailored to your process.

I returned from the retreat full of energy and immediately put all kinds of decisions into action. Like, when my frequency will be lower again I will have done that.
But that turned out not to be necessary at all because now, after two weeks, I am still energized. Every day I do a Pranic Cell Cleanse, kundalini yoga and other fine things.
Because of the mono eating, there is more peace in my bowels and I have less physical pain.
Am really glad we are being guided for a year. Can feel we are welcome with our questions.

Amudra and Maxime, glad to have met you and to have you as guides to walk with me for a while! Sat Nam


Seen, heard and understood

The prana process came to my attention 2 years ago through Maxime. It also triggered and activated something in me. Like many women, food often had emotional undertones. I have had an eating disorder and have a long history with food and diets, including a long-term illness that I was able to fully heal thanks to juices and smoothies, combined with trauma healing. Prana felt like the final piece of the puzzle, “the next level. The word food freedom was music to my ears.
In the months leading up to the retreat, lots of things began to shift. Certain patterns around food were changing, a purging process was already going on. There was also a strong longing in me for living on prana. It felt light and pure.

The retreat was the most challenging part of the process for me. There was resistance on several levels, despite the warmth and love of Amudra and Maxime. A piece of me knew that I had chosen this, that it was completely right and that I really needed to get through this. Another part of me was counting down the seconds and wanted more than anything to be somewhere else. There was a battle going on within myself, between my ego and my soul, my higher and my lower self. I also understand why: the retreat just fell in a period of tremendous transformation and expansion. It was a lot to bear. And yet it was right.

The exercises we did provided the bedrock to initiate processes around letting go, grieving and opening to new energy. There was a lot of carrying and emotional support. What Amudra and Maxime excel at is how human they are. Anything can be talked about, and they themselves share without hesitation about their own process with food and personal relationships. There is no hierarchy between the facilitators and the participants. That wouldn’t have worked for me either. I felt very seen, heard and understood.

After the retreat, I was proud of myself for sticking with it. I notice that on an emotional and spiritual level it had a huge effect. I was told by several people over the past few days that there seems to be a pillar of white light shining around me, and that’s how I feel. My channel is even more open, my truth feels more deeply embedded in myself, my soul feels more deeply embedded in my body. During the retreat I was allowed to let go of the last remnants of what was still standing in the way of living to my highest potential. A new chapter is beginning.

Thank you Amudra and Maxime!


My lower back pain was gone immediately

I attended the Pranic Union Retreat with Amudra and Maxime in Ibiza.
My starting point was Prana, anything that might come up next to it,
I was curious about. Because of Amudra’s genial and loving aura and especially her
gentleness, make you quickly feel at ease. The small group was also a reason for me to follow this retreat with Amudra. The extensive knowledge and experience Amudra has makes that she immediately sees what is right for everyone.
In the past I have done a lot of trauma and body work. Hidden deep inside myself, in my cellular memory, there seemed to be the last remnants that I thought I had  processed a long time ago.
After the three days of Dry fast my mother appeared during two intense breathing sessions, the other evening my grandmother grandfather and father. I had not seen this coming. Their traumas and sorrows, which I felt and which were not mine, I had probably carried unconsciously in my energy field for a long time. Their message was that I could let go of it now, which also liberated them. I felt very safe in the group and with the presence of Amudra and Maxime to do this because it was very intense. My lower back pain that I had suffered from for years was gone immediately after this and I immediately felt much more peace and spacious in my body!

Maxime’s card readings also showed me beautiful insights. Very touching and striking!
I can say that this retreat has been the most profound form of therapy for me.
It was a magical journey on a magical island Ibiza in a nice group! This is surely the greatest gift I have given myself. It is also a deep detox cleanse for my body now that I am in the mono juice cure. The before and after counseling is very good and involved! I can recommend it to anyone who is open to this process and to gift it out of love for yourself.
I feel much more calm, spacious in my body, more focus and clarity in my head
and I have much more energy. I look forward to what else the Prana process will bring me in the coming year and beyond!
Thank you dear Amudra and Maxime, you are in my heart



There are no words for the beauty, gentleness and openness you experience during the retreat. WOW! The most beautiful experience in my life so far in my journey to freedom and expansion of consciousness. Amudra is always there for you and carries the whole group. I was able to totally surrender to the process and felt 100% safe. Thank you for your warmth and love Amudra

The girl from the white mountain

A firm, safe haven

Just participated in the pranic union retreat with Amudra and Maxime and wow, what a journey! You really have to face yourself, but everything that presents itself is allowed to be completely there. With a gentle yet powerful hand Amudra knows how to effortlessly guide each participant in all his/her diversity through his/her process. You feel: this woman has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience. She was there for us day and night, which for me personally was an enormous comfort. She creates space for everyone’s process and at the same time offers a solid, safe haven – also after the retreat. It was/is not always easy, but it was a very instructive and healing experience, for which many thanks, Amudra!


Amudra is 1 of the most extraordinary women I have ever met

Attended the pranic union retreat at the end of 2022. I expected that it would bring something but that it brought about so much I could not have dreamed. So much love and warmth in the group, so many new insights and so much clearity in my head. Life-changing. Amudra is one of the most special women I have ever met, so loving, pure, gentle and at the same time so powerful! She provides a safe environment and really lets you be. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you are allowed to be. She is an example for me. The balance she has between the earthly and non-earthly, the openness, peace and love she radiates, makes you feel at ease immediately. With her knowledge and experience she can guide you well, give you tools and help you where you yourself get stuck.


Nothing is crazy, you can be all there

It intrigues me that you can live on  Prana, so the weekend A touch of Prana was a great opportunity to hear and experience more about this. In doing so, I needed to sink a little further into my body again and I know from experience that this goes very well using breath sessions and in a group, group processes are always a support in my process. It appealed to me that I could experience a tasting of the life of prana. Again it strikes me that being with like-minded people is healing I experienced that there was still some tucked away anger in my system but after releasing that all my cells started dancing and they haven’t stopped. Because Amudra creates a safe bed you can go just that step further than you expect of yourself, this allows you to take the next step in life. Everything flows and that was immediately put into action the day after the retreat. I have gained so much energy, the meaning in life is back. Amudra is very open about her own process which makes her a reliable guide. Nothing is crazy and you are allowed to be completely there which makes you experience true connection.

Stephanie van Hoorn

A very special week

It was a very special week in the Pranic Freedom Quest in Switserland. The spontaneous synergy and energy between Marja and Amudra made it light and airy. I also experienced their different approaches as valuable. I felt super supported and encouraged in what I had to go through, yes ‘had to’ … because Marja doesn’t give up. She goes fully into her mission to really set you free. I feel (still feel) really deep personal involvement, for that I am very grateful.

Definitely highly recommended! With the mix of nature, breathing, peace and special constellations!!! Thank you dear Marja and Amudra!

Everine / D

One of the most profound things I have ever experienced in my life.

This Pranic Freedom Quest is one of the most profound things I have ever experienced in my life.

Some of my deepest and previously unreachable traumas have now been released and transformed into Forgiveness, Joy, Self-Love and an amazing new level of FREEDOM!!!

Thank you to the loving and very competent coaches Amudra and Marja of this retreat and thank you to every single participant.

Together we were the perfect team to make many ‘impossibilities’ possible!

Marisa / B

Amudra as a living example

Due to a tropical illness and medication, I never got back to full fitness. A little fatigue, fragile muscles and tendons, food intolerances were the main cause to start the training. Family members talked to me about the retreat and so I jumped in. People sometimes talk about “a leap into darkness,” but this was “a leap into light,” lots of light. I learned that it didn’t have to stop with the one week of training and am now light and free to continue. A new world is opening up for me and there is something magical about it. Amudra is for me the living example on this path. She shows a path of inner freedom that makes her even more awake to everything that happens around her and in the participants. With love for everything and with compassion, she leads us by gentle hand. Each at his pace, in his way.

Roel Leroy

I got back to my core

I participated in the weekend retreat A Touch of Prana. Out of curiosity , to re-energize, detox and get close to my core. These expectations have all come true. My questions have been answered, I feel reborn and have come back to my core. How much you can influence and direct your body with the ‘mind’. I got a taste of freedom and being allowed to ‘be there’ from my core, supported by mind power and (breathing) exercises, in combination with fasting. – Open attitude, positivity, playfulness, full acceptance of me as a person – also to be open and in surrender (and in my case that is always a huge challenge…)

Brechtje Romeijnders

Loving, inspiring and purifying

The Pranic Freedom Quest in Switserland was a great gift to me. I was able to break through my personal boundary and came to more freedom in my daily life.
The company of Marja and Amudra was very loving, inspiring and purifying.

Silvia / CH

A certain vibe that makes you feel comfortable right away

Amudra has a certain vibe around her that makes you feel immediately at ease. Everything is allowed to be there, without judgment. She can teach you everything you need to know about healthy living, whether it is about nutrition or letting go of limiting beliefs. Thanks to Amudra’s efforts, I was able to let go of everything and now experience a profound peace that I have never known before. Absolutely recommended to attend a workshop, or to do the entire retreat !

Roel van Heel