General terms and conditions of: “The Pranic Awakening Program”.                     

The Pranic Awakening Program and Amudra are never responsible or be held responsible for personal injury or other adverse consequences to the

user arising from participation in our retreat. The participant her/himself remains responsible at all times.

  1. It is the responsibility of the participant to ask advice in advance about his/her physical and mental health to the family doctor or another healthcare professional.
  2. The participant remains at all times responsible for his personal belongings such as clothing, footwear, jewelery, mobile phones, wallet etc.
  3. The Pranic Awakening Program has the right to cancel the retreat or change the location (in the same country) if there are substantial grounds, including sickness of Amudra or Menor or unforeseen circumstances . In case of cancellation by the organisation, the participant is entitled to a full refund of the amount paid. The participant shall not be entitled to any other compensation or damages.
  4. The Pranic Awakening Program has the right to exclude persons from participation of the retreat without giving reasons. If a first payment has been received, the amount paid will be refunded by us.
  5. By filling out the registration form and/or paying the entry fee the participant automatically agrees to have read and understood the general terms and conditions . The participant hereby also declares all the questions on the questionnaire form are filled in truthfully.
  6. We recommend the participant to have a travel and cancellation insurance.
  7. The participant declares to be in good physical and mental health. The participant has to inform Amudra  if there are any illnesses or restrictions. The participant remains responsible at all times for this. If something changes within the physical and/or mental health of the participant during the retreat it has to be reported to Amudra 
  8. The participant will follow up all instructions indicated by the organisation when it concerns your personal health. This relates to the earlier or more drinking of water or juices during the retreat to prevent you from weakening or losing too much weight. If you do not follow our advice, you can no longer follow the program and you will have to leave the location.
  9. Always respect the location and the belongings of others at the location of the retreat.


  1. Payment and cancellation policy:
  • The applicant should pay the deposit of 500 euro no later than 7 days after receiving the invoice by email. This deposit ensures your place in the program.
  • For the remaining amount a second invoice shall be send and has to be paid ultimately 3 months before the retreat.
  • If you enrol within 3 months prior to the start of the retreat the full amount has to be paid within 7 days after receiving the invoice by email..


  1. Cancelation policy.
  • In case of cancellation by the participant no refund will be paid due to our advice to a cancellation insurance.
  • For incorrect and/or late payment The Pranic Awakening Program has the right to cancel your participation without refund.



Date: March 2018