The Pranic Awakening Program


 The Program


The Pranic Awakening Program is a retreat of 6-7 days in natural surroundings. The initial priority will be The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. The Program will be given in Dutch. (only in Switserland in English and German)

The entire Program was received in the purest form and with the newest energy. Completely down to earth, no rituals, no stories… just what is needed with heart energy


There are two programs simultaneously in The Pranic Awakening Program. You have the choice to do either a 3-day dry-fast (no food/no water) or 3-day fast (with water)

The choice of the 3-day dry-fast (the breatharian program) really has to be a calling, and a total surrender to the divine. But if you’re on medications that cannot be reduced, if you’re experiencing heart problems, psychosis, depression or any similar conditions, you should first opt for the 3-day fasting (drinking water) to enable your immune system to reset.  Following this you will be healthier and probably able to complete the dry fast in 6-12 months if your body and soul are ready.


It is scientifically proven that 72 hours of fasting will reset your immune system.


During pregnancy or nursing, you cannot follow this program because of the detoxification that will occur and potentially harm your baby.

The dry-fast alone will not make you a breatharian, up to 70% of the transition will be accomplished by other meditation/breath and visualization techniques. Amudra will show you how to make contact with your cells and your DNA, fill your cells with Prana, go through emotional layers, letting go of old beliefs and conditioning, resetting your DNA and find the stillness within yourself.


What The Pranic Awakening Program offers you :

  • Professional and personal support by Amudra Madhura who lives on Prana and her team

  • Location in natural, peaceful surroundings

  • Visualizations

  • Meditations

  • Breathwork

  • Relaxing kundalini yoga (no experience needed)

  • Group and personal sessions

  • Satsang

  • Fruitjuices

  • Massages by our own masseuse in the Pranic Health retreat

  • The next step in conscious evolution


What to expect after the Program:

It will take your body about 3 months to regenerate 80% of your bodycells, so some of the features below will become even better over time.

  • Clarity – Your mind will feel very clear, because of the lack of toxins that you’ve had all your life.

  • Stillness – You will experience a stillness in your body that wasn’t there before and it will feel incredibly peaceful

  • Sleep – The sleeping time will be reduced significantly once your body is fully integrated and toxin free

  • Eating – Most participants who start to eat afterwards will see they can reduce their calorific intake by 80%, depending on your decision as to whether if you want to start eating again

  • Time – You will have so much more free time without grocery shopping, cooking etc.

  • Money – It will save a lot of money but please do not let this be one of the reasons to participate

  • Hungry – there will be no feelings of hunger anymore, except when emotional issues come up

  • Healing – Because of the reset in your body physical healing can occur, but make sure you have healed emotional blockages before you start the Program

  • Energy – your energy level will go up because the energy that was before used for digestion is now available.

  • Body weight – After the first period your body will reach it’s ideal weight and after that you can influence your body weight with training (fitness) and the power of the mind.

    After the pranic retreat you will be added to a closed facebookgroup so you will get the guidance you need. Also the contact with the other groupmembers is very important to support your journey in pranic living.

We are always looking for the perfect locations all over Europe so if you have the perfect spot for us

please let us know.


Let your deepest heart devotion be your guiding force, it opens the portal to divinity